Dear Friends and Listeners,

URadio was founded in 2018 in the US under the supervision of FCC and has been complying with all applicable US laws. Our mission is to serve the Chinese community in the greater Los Angeles area by providing information and assisting US government in promoting public policies in the US that is important to our community’s welfare.

To fulfill this mission, URadio plans our contents accordingly. Our rush hour programs focus on covering local and national news in a timely manner in line with mainstream media. It is crucial to us that our Chinese community can receive the most current cultural, political and welfare related information in the US.

URadio is a mass media built on professional standards and has created multiple jobs in our minority community. With the goal to promote the universal value of open, democracy and freedom, we recruit our team members from all kinds of background including people from mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to provide diverse and objective views.

We take fulfilling our social responsibility as a mass media seriously by including Public Service Advertising hourly in our program since we launched. These PSAs include prescription drugs recycle, water conservation, pet adoption, seasonal cardiac disease prevention, etc. During this pandemic, URadio is also airing PSAs on COVID-19 prevention, testing and related social issues including but not limited to domestic violence, elderly mental health and emergency help info that are in line with our federal, state, county, and city governments’ directions. We also follow California and Los Angeles County daily briefings closely to provide latest COVID-19 related info and guidelines.

URadio would like to invite everyone to tune in to AM690 or any of our streaming platforms to eliminate distortions and bias toward us. We are certain that our contents withstand public and regulatory reviews, and we welcome your comments wholeheartedly. We look forward to continue serving our community as a responsible news outlet by delivering useful and positive information that benefits the greater good of the US public.